martial arts reviews

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martial arts reviews

My son has gained a great amount of confidence…
My son has gained a great amount of confidence knowing he has physical and mental options when dealing with conflict. This is a great builder of self esteem!”

—tara McCreery, Mother of Skylar / Tarzana

martial arts reviews

This is a very significant “Before & After” Story!
This is a very significant, “Before & After” story. I encourage all parents, who raised their child to be a ‘Responsible, productive & polite”, citizen in this World, to consider enrolling their child.

After a few months of training at the academy, she acquired the ‘confidence & strength’ to be able to stand up for herself, for ‘what is right’ and even to ‘stand up for others’ who were not able to defend themselves!

Any parent who wants to ‘invest’ in his/her child’s ‘future’ should consider investing in Martial Arts. This is not a ‘trendy’ gift, but rather one that transcends and is ‘Life-Altering’!!”
—Mary & Andrew Komesu

martial arts reviews
We are Closer Than We were Before…

Henry and I have been going to Woodland Hills Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Academy for over a year starting January last year and we come 3 days a week. We work out together, and it’s really improved our relationship.

We are closer than we were before, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s great to learn with your kid at the same time.

We’re having a great time here, and we plan to continue for a long time to come. It’s something that we enjoy doing together a lot..”

—Gavin & Henry Nex

Just finished my first kickboxing class! I was super scared but it was a lot of fun and the time went by so fast. There was music playing so it pumped me up. I went with my sister so it was nice to have someone to partner with!

 – Jennifer L./North Hills, CA

This is a great school, my 6 year old is only in his second full week of classes and we’re already seeing major improvements at home. Jose and Muhammad are great teachers and so patient! I highly recommend this place!

–  Rachelle A./Valley Village, CA

American Kenpo Jiu Jitsu in Woodland Hills is as good as it gets!  The two incredible instructors are not only world renowned masters that are skillful and specialize in martial arts, but they are caring, respectful mentors to all their students.  

They take the time to know their students individually, and differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of those students.

This studio incorporates the skills of martial arts with character building disciplines.  The instructors positively reinforce core values and have had a huge impact on all their students….our son has made great strides with his athletic abilities, balance, self discipline, and self esteem.  This really is a special studio.

Dayna Leo/Woodland Hills, CA

Great Place!
My daughter, who is 7 years old, has been going here for a few months now. I like the changes in her overall behavior… one major change is her improved ability to focus.
Mr. Joselius Morales, who is one of the instructors, teaches the kids more than just the physical side of martial arts… they try to build character and give the kids tools to enhance their ability to deal with situations that they will have to deal with in real life.

They teach Kenpo Karate and ground fighting techniques… so it is a well rounded self defense program. I am very Happy with this school!

 –  Mark A./West Hollywood, CA

My son has been attending this academy since he was 3 years and 10 months old.
He is now 6 years and 3 months old (So far about 2.5 years). My almost 4 year old son will also be joining in about 3 months.  Mr. Tabatabai and Mr. Jose Luis Morales are absolutely exceptional not only in their Martial arts skills, but more importantly in their ability to connect with their students. They display patience and discipline.  My son has gained so much from this academy. Not only has he gained notoriety with regards to his belts (which are earned, not handed), but i believe his overall behavior has been shaped by attending this academy. Thank you guys and we look forward to enrolling our younger son as well. Keeyaaaiii!!

Y.G./Woodland Hills, CA

Jose Morales is the one of the best instructors in martial arts. He really cares about the kids, is very personable and professional. They teach Karate and Jiu Jitsu which help the kids learn how to defend themselves, both mentally and physically from bullies.
It also teaches them how to be disciplined and respectful.

M.K./West Hollywood, CA

The best Martial Arts School ever :)This is a great school, the instructors are very nice and knowledgeable they teach the real thing. My daughter has been training at this school for the past 5 years and it has done wonders for her. Her teachers at school always comment on her self discipline,  focus, and responsible work ethics in class. Thank you guys.

Michelle S./West Hills, CA

Dear fellow Parents:
My two sons attend the Academy of American Kenpo and Jiu Jitsu. This is the finest karate school bar none. My eldest son earned his belt from Karate Kids. I knew that he was had not reached his full potential. After a few months at the Acamdey he was sparing with other Black Belt from the Academy. I was so impressed with the their teaching style that I at 55 joined. We travel from West Los Angeles to learn from the best. All friends who went to Ed Parker or took Kenpo know Mr. Tabatabai. There is no question in my mind that Mr Morales and Mr. Tabatabai  are the best karate teachers in the world. You will see black belt from all over the world to train at the Academy.

You should have no reservation that neither you nor your child will be learning from the best there is to learn from. There is no one better.

-Michael Hartounian/Los Angeles, CA

American Kenpo Jiu Jitsu has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.  We enrolled our 6 year old son, Nicolas about nine months ago.  At the time, Nicolas was having great difficulty in school and his self discipline and self esteem were not good.  The changes we have seen in our son since enrolling at American Kenpo Jiu Jitsu has been terrific.  He is more respectful, does better at school and is much more confident.  He listens to and minds his teachers now; and best of all, Nicolas loves his training.  I can’t say enough to endorse the Academy!

Tony Valvo/Woodland Hills, CA

Jose is a great instructor.  My nephews attended these classes and showed great improvement in a short period of time.  They learned moves for self defense but more importantly they increased their self esteem and confidence.  While teaching martial arts, Jose diligently explains the application of the techniques to daily life and in the process helps the kids build character.
By attending these classes, my nephews have learned great tools that will help them later in life.  I highly recommend this school.

A.B./Woodland Hills, CA

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